35W Bridge Designer Denies Responsibility For 2007 Collapse, Deaths


To quote Spiderman’s Uncle Ben, “with great power comes great responsibility.” The question before Minnesota’s Supreme Court is whether the power granted to a private company to design an interstate highway bridge comes with the responsibility for its collapse 45 years after it was built.

13 people died and 145 people were injured when the busy bridge suddenly collapsed during a hot August afternoon rush hour in 2007.

A lawyer for Jacobs Engineering told the court on Monday that the State of Minnesota has no basis to sue to for damages since state law limits liability to 10 years. James O’Connor also pointed out the design contract was not with Jacobs, but a now-defunct company that Jacobs acquired in 1999.

Arguing for the state of Minnesota, Solicitor General Alan Gilbert said the state legislature changed the liability law recently when it approved a compensation package for bridge collapse survivors.

The court issued no immediate ruling.

Michael McIntee

Michael McIntee is a former network TV news executive with more than 30 years of broadcasting experience. He began his broadcasting career at the University of Minnesota's student radio station. He is an expert producer, writer, video editor who has a fondness for new technology but denies that he is a geek. More about Michael McIntee »

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