Corporate America Has Co-opted Weak and Complicit Fourth Estate

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Speaking at his last National Conference for Media Reform as CEO, Josh Silver said that “after 40 years of methodical and well-organized organizing and financing, the largest corporations and wealthiest Americans have achieved near complete control of political discourse and policy-making in America.”

“Their maize of think tanks, PR groups, attack groups, fake grassroots organizations, lobbyists, campaign contributions to corrupted politicians are obscured by a weak and often complicit fourth estate. Together these forces block meaningful progress on nearly every issue we care about, from the environment, to education, to economic and social justice.”

Jacob Wheeler

In addition to shooting videos for The UpTake, Jacob Wheeler is a contributing editor at the progressive political magazine In These Times, publishes the Glen Arbor Sun in his native Michigan, and authored "Between Light and Shadow," a recent book about the Guatemalan adoption industry. Wheeler's stories have appeared in such magazines as the Utne Reader, Earth Island Journal, Rotarian and Teaching Tolerance magazine, and newspapers including the San Francisco Chronicle and Christian Science Monitor. He speaks fluent Spanish, German and Danish.

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