Corporations Should Show Birth Certificates Says Rep. Kucinich

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Rep. Dennis Kucinich on Bainbridge Island, Washington

Rep. Dennis Kucinich on Bainbridge Island, Washington

If corporations are people, where are their birth certificates asks Representative Dennis Kucinich. The US Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United that corporations are people.

By virtue of assuming “personhood”, Kucinich says corporations have become superior to individuals.

“There’s been this hue and cry, this craziness about the land about the President’s birth certificate. Well I’ve got another thing I’m worried about. I’m worried about the corporations’ birth certificates.

“I want to know why we don’t have policies as a government where a corporation performs against the public interest, why you can’t just punch their license to do business and say ‘you’re out of here, you’re done’. You cheated the public. You lied. You stole from your shareholders. You lied and you created havoc in markets. You’re done.”

Kucinich was speaking to a group of progressives in Bainbridge Island, Washington. You can watch the full video of Kucinich’s comments on the future of the progressive movement here.

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