Will Your Grandma Be Able To Vote Under MN Photo ID Law?

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94-year-old voter Mary Lou Hill says seniors will be disenfranchised under photo voter ID

94-year-old voter Mary Lou Hill says seniors will be disenfranchised under photo voter ID

Mary Lou is Hill 94 years old. She was born before women got the right to vote and she’s been voting since she was 21. She’s convinced that thousands of seniors like herself will be disenfranchised if Minnesota requires a state issued ID to vote.

Mary Lou says “While it is easy for many legislators who voted in favor of photo ID to run down to the government center to update their drivers license or get a Minnesota ID, senior citizens may have a number of problems with this simple activity.

“One, they may not drive or have anyone to take them.

“Two, they may not be able to walk without pain or at all.

“Three, if they are comparatively new to the state they may have difficulty proving who they are. This is especially true for elderly women who probably changed their name once or twice since they were born.

“Gathering the documents of a lifetime to prove you are the person who has been voting decades is difficult and may be expensive if duplicate documents are required. You’ve all heard the statistics — 18 percent of people over the age of 65 do not have a current government issued photo ID. That percentage muse must escalate rapidly as the age increases.

“How many 94-year-old women do you know, do you suppose, have a current photo ID? I do not have an ID that meets the requirements of these bills.

“These bills would take the vote away from thousands of elderly citizens. Citizens who have been proudly casting their ballots for 50 or 60 or 70 years.

“I join with others urging the legislature to reject these bills and if that fails, in urging Governor Dayton to veto any photo ID that gets to his desk. “

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