Wisconsin Workers’ Rights Rally Draws More Than Palin Rally


Pictures by Tracey Pollock
This weekend in Madison, 10,000 to 15,000 people protested Governor Scott Walker’s proposed budget and his elimination of nearly all collective bargaining rights of public sector employees. The bargaining rights issue is currently tied up in the courts.

Although this weekend’s protest does not match the over 150,000 people who showed up to the last large rally in March, the movement has clearly not stopped in Wisconsin. For some perspective, recall the rally that conservative superstar Sarah Palin held in Madison in April where less than a 1,000 people showed their support for Governor Walker.

At this weekend’s rally, several speakers told the crowd that the fight for labor, immigrant, women’s, education rights is not over. Speakers included Phil Neuenfeldt, president of WI AFL-CIO; Alex Hannah of TAA; Christian Pacheco, an undocumented high school senior speaking for Voces de la Frontera; Mahlon Mitchell of Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin; and Jon Erpenbach Wisconsin state senator 27th district. Erpenbach urged the crowd to not come back to Madison, but help out with the recall elections in or near their home districts as the next action against Governor Walker and Republican legislators.

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