With TV Broadcasts Off, MN House Slashes Education Funding

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2011 MN Legislative Session

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Above- a sample of the debate that happened after 1am today. More video here.

“This bill isn’t ready for primetime” said Representative Tom Tillberry (DFL) and he thinks that’s why a proposal to slash funding to education is being debated at 2am in the morning.

Minnesota’s Republican Minority voted to keep meeting Capitol this morning at the same time they voted to slash funding to higher education by 14%. The votes on higher education and other education budget bills wasn’t widely seen because TV coverage of the House ended at 1 AM. Above is the action that happened after the broadcasts ended.

Just after 2 AM, Representative Mindy Greiling (DFL) noted that three House members had to leave the debate because of medical conditions. Representative Paul Thissen (DFL) asked that the house adjourn because of the late hour. The move to adjourn failed on a 54-71 party line vote.

DFL questions Republican priorities
This video should contain most of the debate that happened after 1 AM:

Press release from House Minority Leader Paul Thissen.

The GOP says that they are most concerned about Minnesota’s economy, yet the GOP Higher Education Budget throttles down Minnesota’s economic engine – our colleges and universities – with historic cuts.

The GOP should explain to The University of Minnesota’s 67,932 students why their tuition is going up hundreds so the richest 2% won’t pay a penny. Better yet, ask the 277,000 students at MNSCU if they think the 45,000 richest Minnesotans can’t afford a dime, but they should afford to pay more for college and get less.

Not a penny more, special interests. That’s what the GOP says. But students and families, you’d better start saving your pennies.

Not only is the GOP once again displaying their badly misplaced priorities in this Higher Ed budget, but they are putting Minnesota’s economic competitiveness at risk. Our colleges and universities drive innovation, make us a leader in research and development, and build the knowledge economy upon which our growth depends. Cutting them at a time when we need to increase our competitiveness, not decrease it, is a mistake.

The DFL has the right priority – growing the knowledge-based economy here in Minnesota so we can lead the nation and the world and protecting hard working families who want to send their kids to college.

Michael McIntee

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