Don’t Fix What Isn’t Broke-MN Voter Photo ID Vetoed

Veto stamp

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton cited many reasons for vetoing a Republican authored bill to require a state-issued photo ID to vote. It would put Minnesota in violation of the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment act, it would put an unfunded mandate on local governments, and it doesn’t even prevent felons from fraudulently voting.

But the biggest reason Governor Dayton cited for his veto was that photo ID put up barriers to Minnesotans fundamental right to vote.

In his veto letter Governor Dayton said Minnesota’s election system is the best in the nation and has the highest voter turnout year after year.
Voter Photo ID Veto Letter

Secretary of State Mark Ritchie backed Dayton’s veto:

“I concur with Governor Dayton’s veto of SF509. Our state leads the nation in voter turnout because Minnesotans from all walks of life trust in our system. The radical changes included in this bill did not meet the expectation of Minnesotans for broad bi-partisan support in election legislature, resulting in an undermining of this trust. In addition, this bill attempted to convert our right to vote into a privilege, in direct contradiction to the Minnesota Constitution.”

Michael McIntee

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