DFL Calls Out GOP For Nastiness, Name Calling During Shutdown Negotiations

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DFL Chair Ken Martin

Click Picture Of Ken Martin To Watch His News Conference

Click Picture Of Ken Martin To Watch His News Conference

DFL State Chair Ken Martin says he’s frustrated by the name calling coming from Republicans and calls on them to stop and sit down to seriously work on the budget impasse that has shutdown most of Minnesota’s government.

Martin singled out Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton and his assistant Michael Brodkorb particularly for raising the level of nastiness in the discussions.

Martin noted that if the shutdown goes into next week it will be the longest in state history “not a great legacy for either party” says Martin.

GOP believes it politically wins with shutdown says Martin

Martin notes Republicans rejected Governor Dayton’s latest proposal without even going back to their caucus to discuss it.

Martin says if the GOP believes a shutdown is helping them politically, they are sadly mistaken. He says Republicans are trying to win a political argument instead of doing what’s in the best interests of Minnesotans.

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