Teacher Says MN GOP Cramming Education Policy “Down Our Throats” In Budget Bill

In Rochester, Minnesota a teacher explained clearly why Governor Mark Dayton has not signed an education budget bill. While Governor Dayton and Republican leaders are close on the dollar amounts, the two sides are miles apart on the policy that shapes where those dollars are spent. The man spoke during a public forum Governor Dayton held in Rochester, Minnesota on the budget.

“It’s not just about the money. This is not just about the money. This is about trying to cram ideological policy. The K-12 education funding bill is 40 something pages long and most of that is policy that’s trying to be crammed down our throats, including vouchers, unfunded mandates things that education reforms that have not been data driven or shown to be effective. Governor Dayton said from the get-go, ‘get the policy items out of that bill. We hear much about the two sides being so close together, and I think they are in terms of the money, so my comment first of all is to the Republican leadership: get those policy items out (of) there. Maybe this log jam can be broken if people just sit down and all we’re going to do is talk about the dollars. (applause) ”

Related story: “Reality Check” from WCCO-TV finds Republican claim that Governor Dayton is close to agreement on education bill is not true. WCCO-TV reports the education bill contains policy “poison pills” that Governor Dayton will not accept.

Michael McIntee

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