1% Living Off “Welfare” Of 99% Says Occupy Milwaukee Supporter (CC)

Video By Tracey Pollock
Jerry Key, an employee of Milwaukee Area Technical College, discusses the importance of Occupy Milwaukee.

Why is occupy Milwaukee important to you?
The movement itself is a global thing and it’s time for the people of the working class to realize that the small group of people who are making decisions for the masses of people and that’s wrong.

The small group of people really are living off the welfare of the masses because they don’t create a dime, they just take everybody else’s dime. So that’s why its so very important that MIlwaukee and every city within the United States and around the world starts requesting their money back because they’re the workers here. Not the select few who’s putting the money in their pocket and then telling you that you need to pay more for your health insurance.

Redefining “welfare”

Do you think this is a good opportunity to redefine what welfare means?

Oh yeah. Because welfare has really been a bad, misused term, because the top two, three percent that own 98 percent of the wealth in this country are the people that’s getting welfare. They do no work. They fly back and forth and make decisions on what my job will pay, but I have to go do all the work for the job. Unfortunately that’s what this country has been built on and it’s time for it to change.

Do you think the beginning of Occupy MIlwaukee yesterday will lead to a more sustained movement within the city and the world?

Yup. I would say it is. I would say there’s really good evidence since this is going all the way from MIlwaukee to Japan that we have a real good idea now with the new media you can’t keep workers apart like you used to.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Change is coming. One way or the other.

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