Libya Celebrates Gadhafi’s Death

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Libya Celebrates Gadhafi's Death

Click photo to watch celebration in Libya after death of dictator Gadhafi

Click photo to watch celebration in Libya after death of dictator Gadhafi

Libyans celebrate after the news that their former leader Muammar Qadhafi, had been killed in Sirte.

Scenes include two revolutionary fighters saying “Allahu Akbar” to the camera amid celebration and gunfire, a man with his daughter on his shoulders, various of a group of people singing and cheering to two men beating drums, two shot of young twins one of them giving peace sign and jumping in celebration, women singing at side of road with guns firing in background, revolutionary fighter firing his weapon in the road between lines of cars, revolutionary fighters standing on a car roof hugging each other in victory and celebration, revolutionary fighter with a white flower in his gun barrel giving the peace sign, four revolutionaries on a wall giving peace sign, various of men and women celebrating at a stage in Martyrs Square, man and women singing, revolutionary standing on car cheering and various of cars going by with people celebrating in and out of them.

What Libyans are saying should happen next. More video.

Video courtesy of NATO television. Used by permission

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