Occupy Movement Already Successful Says Organizer

Video by Tracey Pollock

Peter Rickman, a member of UW-Madison’s Teaching Assistant Association describes the importance of Occupy Milwaukee, drawing a connection to the protests that occurred in Madison in the spring of 2011.

Rickman says Occupy Milwaukee is part of a global movement for social and economic justice. He says Milwaukee has seen economic injustice for decades. He says people are “pissed off” over the “general screwing over of the working people.”

Peterson says we need to force a discussion about economic inequality and the concentration of political power.. that discussion can lead to a change.

Peterson says the occupy movements are creating “a new political space where anger and frustration over the state of affairs is a valid political expression.” He says the movement is having an impact on the discussion.

Rickman sees a direct link between the Wisconsin uprising in February and March which led to the recall of two Republican senators and leaving the GOP with a slim one vote majority in the state senate. He was involved in that uprising and says people found there is power in protest. The masses can influence politics and policy.

He says not to worry if Occupy Milwaukee doesn’t look exactly like Occupy Wall Street. “Movements have many faces” says Rickman… it’s OK to be different in different places all over the world.

Video: Occupy Milwaukee Draws 3,000 People

More than 3,000 people assembled for Occupy Milwaukee in downtown Milwaukee, part of Occupy Wall Street, on October 15, 2011.

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