Workers Need To End Rich Buying Politicians

Video by Tracey Pollock

Randy Bryce Political Director of the Ironworkers Union local 8, discusses the importance of Occupy Milwaukee and unions endorsement of the movement Randy Bryce- Iron Workers Local 8

What does the Occupy Milwaukee mean to you?

It means there are 99 percent of the people that don’t control the majority of the wealth in this country and there’s one percent that seems to have control over everything including elections, what goes on, the rules. Basically just buying all of the politicians.

And it’s not a democracy, it’s a plutocracy. This was warned about by Thomas Jefferson that banks are more dangerous than standing armies.

Bryce sees a deep connection of purpose between Occupy Wall Street and the unions “It’s the people who build America being able to control how decisions are made in America.”

Bryce sees the parallels between this and the Wisconsin uprising earlier this year. “It’s the big money that supports (Wisconsin Governor) Scott Walker deciding that he needs to be put in power and it was all a result of big money coming in from outside groups.”

Bryce says the banks were bailed out, but instead of helping people “they give big bonuses to their CEOs, the ones that made the decisions that tanked their companies in the first place.” “People know if something is not done right now, the next step is the masses not being able to have any say.”

“It’s about time. I’m glad to see that something that started in Madison, and I see this whole movement as an offshoot of that because all of the parallels and all of the similarities of why we were marching in Madison.”

Michael McIntee

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