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Obama: War Over, Now Rebuild America

President Obama says with the Iraq ware over, it's now time to rebuild America

Now that the war in Iraq is over, President Obama says it is time to focus on rebuilding America. In his weekly address, he expressed the gratitude of the entire nation to the brave men and women who have served in the war in Iraq, and welcomed our troops home as we mark the official end to the war. This historic achievement would not be possible without the skill and dedication of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces. They prove every day that when we come together, there is nothing we cannot do. President Obama says now it’s time to follow their example, put aside partisanship, and rebuild our economy so that every American who wants to work can find a job, and everyone has the opportunity to make it if they try. Continue Reading →

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Occupy MN Prompts Clergy to Oppose Home Foreclosures

Click Photo to Watch Video of Clergy Opposing Home Foreclosures

Are the Occupy MN protestors making a difference by defending foreclosed homes? They are with clergy in North Minneapolis. The Occupy movement has given NCRC and religious leaders a shot in the arm to speak out against the foreclosure crisis. Continue Reading →

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