Jesse Jackson:Occupy Will Not End Until There Is Economic Justice

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Jesse Jackson addresses an Occupy friendly crowd in Iowa

Click to watch Jesse Jackson address an Occupy friendly crowd in Iowa

Click to watch Jesse Jackson address an Occupy friendly crowd in Iowa

Video by Roger Routh

“Don’t give up in what you believe in. But don’t believe in it so strongly that you do it by yourself. ”

Those were some of the words of wisdom political movement veteran Reverend Jesse Jackson offered supporters of “occupy wall street” movement which is using the Iowa caucuses to draw attention to income inequality. He was speaking to the Progressive Democrats of America meeting in Iowa.

Jackson recounted how in the past Democrats had turned against each other and suffered major losses such as Republican Richard Nixon’s election as President in 1968. He strongly advised the occupy movement to avoid the same mistakes.

“Going it alone” is not an option

“There are many options, but doing it alone is not one of them.” Jackson had the crowd repeat that sentence in Occupy Wall Street “mic check” fashion. “Do not get so angry to leave the family to achieve our collective interests.”

“There’s so much room to fight the issues, we need not fight each other. There’s more cotton to be picked than we have cotton-pickers. There’s more fights to be fought than we’ve go fighters. So there’s room for each other.”

“We need each other”, Jackson had the crowd chant, “must somehow find common ground for us to win. We all want to end corporate greed. We all want to end corporations as a person to vote. We all want to end voter suppression. We all want to end student loan exploitation. We all want to end unnecessary expensive wars. We all want to wipe out malnutrition without wiping out the malnourished. We all want women’s right to self determination. We all want racial justice and gender equality. ”

“Now that’s a lot to grill” said Jackson drawing a laugh from the crowd.

“So we now have a movement called occupy. We have an idea called occupy. Let’s make it so big it can’t be ignored.”

“We support the occupation movement. It is a social conscience. It is the canary in the mine. And young America must not cease fighting and must not let occupy go away until there is economic justice.”

Michael McIntee

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