Brodkorb Lawsuit Comes Up On MN Senate Floor

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Michael Brodkorb when he was MN GOP Deputy Party Chair

Click on photo of Michael Brodkorb to watch discussion about legal fees related to his firing from the MN Senate

Click Michael Brodkorb's photo to watch the discussion on the Minnesota Senate Floor

Minnesota’s Senate may be sued by a former employee and DFL Senators would like the Republicans to not keep all of the details about it to themselves.

Republican operative and deputy party chair Michael Brodkorb was fired from his job at the State Senate in December. His firing came just after his boss, Senator Majority Leader Amy Koch, resigned her leadership position after other Republican Senators learned she was having an “inappropriate relationship” with a Senate staffer.

Since then, Brodkorb has hired an attorney and the Senate has also hired an attorney, but the Republicans leaders haven’t told the Democrats any other details. That led to this exchange on the Senate floor today between DFL Senator Richard Cohen and Senate Majority Leader David Senjem.

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