Structures for Inclusion Conference 2012 in Austin Texas: Design is Relational

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STRUCTURES FOR INCLUSION is an annual conference focused on design for social good.

Structures for Inclusion 2012 brings together activists, designers, funders and policy makers who are at the forefront of designing in the public’s interest. Dynamic innovators and experienced professionals from around the world are providing honest, inspiring conversations and participatory workshops to help designers do more and do it better.

This year’s theme: Design is Relational

It is not just about objects. It’s also about being a catalyst to change human relationships and activities. Last year, at our annual Structures for Inclusion Conference, Sergio Palleroni said that 90% of the impact of his architecture is not in the construction. The real impact is in the relationships, the empowerment, and the activities created, in addition to the bricks and mortar.

This type of impact continues to be revealed, every year, at our conferences. The presentations at Structures for Inclusion highlight design work that addresses a critical social, economic, and environmental issue. For me, the most successful of these presentations have been when an architect and community partner present together and convey this relationship building as well as the physical building. What begins as a combination of a need and a service becomes a collaboration and greater benefit.

Friday, March 23 @ 7pm: Premiere of SEEDocs mini-documentary, produced by The UpTake
Saturday, March 24, 9:30am – 5:30pm Structures for Inclusion conference

Click here for the full schedule of speakers and events:

SFI Schedule

Chuck Olsen

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