Minnesota Somali Women And Men Discuss Infertility Issues

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Click on this photo to see video of conference.

Click on this photo to see video of conference.

A group of women and men gathered together to discuss the issue of infertility is probably a rare event — particularly within the Minnesota Somali community. But this week, several hundred Twin Cities Somalis attended Insuroon, a conference on women’s infertility issues. Insuroon is a Somali word that means, “Woman who can take care of herself.”

Fartun Weli, local Somali activist, planned and organized this unique event. Other speakers explored the numerous aspects of female infertility. As the importance and size of the Somali community in the Twin Cities grows, more health and social services aimed at Somalis have blossomed. (Minneapolis boasts the largest Somali population in the United States.)

Most of the conference was conducted in Somali, but this video presents some highlights in English. As is traditional with most Somali gatherings, tea and samosas were served. The event was held at the Safari Cafe in Minneapolis. Democratic State Senator Jeff Hayden reminded the group that this building was an American Legion Hall after the Second World War that served primarily African-American veterans.

Bill Sorem

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