Jordan Area Community Council: Helping Northside Community Members

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Jordan Area Community Council (JACC) was formed when a group of concerned citizens fought to save a library. They were successful. Now, 60 years later, they’re still here to help Northside residents.

Sandy Ci Moua, JACC ‘s Communications and Community Partnership staff, attended a block party to honor Northsiders after the May 22nd tornado. And, to promote home ownership.

She acknowledges there are a high number of renters who might not be able to afford purchasing a home. When asked about promoting renting-presumably more affordable she explained that, “the grass is never greener on the other side.”

In the wake of last years tornado, many residents know that all too well. Many had no renters insurance. Many had landlords who did not keep up on repairs. As a consequence, these renters were left to fend for themselves in shelters or trying to find a new place.

JACC’s hope is to build up block clubs in North Minneapolis and try to engage and inform renters of their rights.

Allison Herrera

Allison Herrera, originally from San Luis Obispo, Calif.,  studied media and Spanish at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wash., where she earned her bachelor s. Since moving to the Twin Cities, she has been a news producer for KFAI Fresh Air Community Radio, communications coordinator for Twin Cities Public Television's arts series MN Original, and producer for the Association of Minnesota Public and Educational Radios Stations for the series MN90: Minnesota History in 90 Seconds.

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