War, Economy, Anti-Corporate Sentiment Drive Chicago Marches

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Click image to see and hear what drove marchers to the streets of Chicago

Click image to see and hear what drove marchers to the streets of Chicago

Thousands marched in the streets of Chicago on the eve of the NATO summit, but there was more than just anti-war and anti-NATO sentiment motivating those who showed up.

“There’s revolution in this country” chanted the marchers, some of them wanting to spark revolution like the one that swept through Egypt in the middle east last year.

‘I’d like to see the same thing that happened in Tahrir square happen in American and I’d like to see the same things that happened in Greece happen in America,” said one protester. “And I think that’s going to be the impetus to move our democracy out of this dearth that we’re in right now.”

“We’re here for a lot of reasons”, said another marcher. “Mainly the war and the economy. All the money that’s in politics. I mean it’s time for us to stand up and take power. We can only let them take so much before we have to say something about it. We’re going to have to start drawing our lines in the sand otherwise they’re going to take everything from us. They’ll take our environment. They’ll take our livelihoods. They’ll even take our minds and our hearts next.”

If marchers want to spark a revolution, it will take more than just what happened this weekend in Chicago. One of the marchers is ready for that. “If it takes something like this to get people together then I hope it happens every week,” he said.

Video by Tracey Pollock and Katherine Quinn

Tracey Pollock

Tracey Pollock, a native of River Falls, Wis., studied journalism at UW-River Falls and finished her education at UW-Milwaukee with a focus in sociology. She is interested in covering social justice issues and shedding light on issues in a way that corporate media will not undertake. Pollock lives in Milwaukee, where generations of her family have resided. She enjoys the local music scene, bicycling and camping.

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