Bank Threatens Arrest As Family Tries To Renegotiate Mortgage

Video by Don Carpenter
Alejander and David Cruz of Minneapolis traveled more than 900 miles to talk to the bank executives they say were responsible for a mistake that led to them losing their home.

PNC Bank officials in Pittsburgh first ushered them to meet with one of their public relations officers who was powerless to do anything.

When the Cruz family came back the next day asking to speak to someone who could do something, they were threatened with arrest.

“Let me explain something to you,” said Jim Weslager, Vice President of PNC Bank Corporate Security to the Cruz family and several of their supporters outside of PNC’s corporate headquarters. “You’re all put on notice. You’re not to enter any of these PNC properties. If you enter a PNC property, we’re going to ask the police to arrest you for criminal trespass.”

On talking to the family, Weslager said “we’re through.”

“You may be through, but the family is not through,” said Anthony Newby one of the family’s supporters. “The family would like to stay in their home and they’d like a good faith negotiation.”

The family’s home in Minneapolis is now in the possession of lender Freddie Mac, which evicted the family and dozens of Occupy Homes protesters who were trying to protect it. The Cruz family says an electronic payment to PNC had a “glitch” which triggered a late fee the family could not afford which then triggered the foreclosure and eviction.

Michael McIntee

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