FBI Raid Victims Keep Pushing Back Two Years Later

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Eight of th nine subpoenea targets stood in front of the Federal Building in Minneapolis

The peace activists raided by the FBI in 2010 continued their push back against the Chicago Federal Attorney.
On September 24, 2010 FBI and Minneapolis Police raided 6 homes of peace activists and issued 9 subpoenas for a Chicago Grand Jury.

The activists refused to appear before the Chicago grand jury, but they still face possible indictment. Bruce Nestor, one of the activist’s attorneys said, “The threat is real. The Grand jury operates in secret, the evidence in the indictment is secret.” He called for continued push back against the government.

Mick Kelly, one of the nine subpoenaed on September 24, 2010, recalled the battering ram smashing his door and fish tank and his wife driven out with a machine gun. Weeks later Kelly discovered they had left a copy of the the FBI SWAT team operational plan In it he was described as dangerous and the invaders were told to have two extra ammunition clips.

Months later they discovered that and FBI informant had infiltrated the Anti-War Committee and gained access to all records of the group.

The FBI confiscated computer, cell phones, personal files and contents of trash bins. Some of the property was returned in November, 2011.

About 100 people joined the victims in solidarity and promised to stand by them as events unfold from the U.S Attorney’s office.

Below: video of the raid captured by The UpTake as it happened two years ago:

Mick Kelly, one of those targeted on September 24, 2010

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