Read MN Constitutional Amendments Before Voting Says Secretary Of State

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Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie

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Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie encourages voters to read the two proposed constitutional amendments before they go to vote this November. That’s because the entire language of the voter restriction amendment and the marriage restriction amendment are not on the ballot.

Ritchie says voters need to do their research “particularly on the constitutional question(s) because the (Minnesota) Supreme Court has ruled that those questions —what’s actually being proposed to go into the constitution—cannot be on the ballot. And because there’s so much controversy just about what’s all being proposed and what will that cost and what might be the implications, citizens taking the time to just read, it’s not that long, to read exactly what being proposed to go into the constitution is a good way to feel like you are well informed.”

The voter restriction/voter ID amendment would mandate a photo ID to vote, but also sets up a potentially expensive provisional balloting system and could effectively end same day voter registration in Minnesota.

The Secretary of State’s office has set up a voters website so you can see the short question that will appear on the ballot and the much longer language that actually goes into the Minnesota constitution.

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