Dismantle FEMA? Cravaack Thinking About It. Nolan Says No.

Minnesota Congressman Chip Cravaack says he wants to look at a proposal from Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney that would put states in charge of the duties of the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Cravaack’s Democratic opponent Rick Nolan says he is opposed to the idea.
“You know everybody always complaining about government this and government that, you know, until they need it,” said Nolan in an October 31, 2012 debate with Cravaack in Virginia, Minnesota.

Transcript of both candidates answers on the issue.

Moderator: Where do you stand on Mitt Romey’s stand on turning over FEMA and the federal government disaster relief to the individual state? And the question first goes to Mr. Cravaack.

Chip Cravaack: I’d have to take a look at that proposal a bit more. That was rather… there’s really nothing hard in stone or… right now of course with Duluth floods, FEMA responded pretty well in making sure that the public infrastructure was addressed. We tried to have a little bit more because it effected very many of our homes and private, private residences but at the same time they were there. They responded. They were quick. But I would really have to defer and wait until I see some hard language on what Governor Romeny has to say.

Moderator: Mr. Nolan?

Rick Nolan: No. I would be strongly opposed to that. What we’re witnessing in the northeastern United States, what we witnessed up here in northeastern Minnesota, what we witnessed in Louisiana and New Orleans clearly requires a federal response where you can pull together the assets of a region to move quickly and to protect lives and to help these communities that have been devastated to rebuild. And FEMA, you know everybody always complaining about government this and government that, you know, until they need it. You know and you come across a car accident on the highway and you see the highway patrol and the state patrol. And you see the rescue squad and you see the ambulance. And you see the helicopter coming in to take people to the hospital and everybody knows what they’re doing and they’re saving lives. It’s doggone useful to have good government there when you need it. The people in the northeast need it now and we needed it up here in the northeast here a year ago or earlier this year. And I would not turn it over to the states.

Michael McIntee

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