No Evidence Of Fraud In MN Election

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Minnesota's Canvassing Board certifies the 2012 election results

Minnesota's Canvassing Board certifies the 2012 election results-Photo Copyright Minnesota House of Representatives.

Minnesota Elections Director Gary Poser says there is no evidence of voter fraud in the state’s 2012 general election. Poser made the comments as the State canvassing board reviewed and approved the results from the November 6th election. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie agreed with Poser that there was no evidence of voter fraud.

That contradicts claims from the head of a group that was pushing for a photo ID and other restrictions in future Minnesota elections. Earlier this month, Minnesota Majority’s Dan McGrath claimed “voter fraud likely played a role” in defeating his “voter photo ID” constitutional amendment .

Two recounts to come

The board approved two hand recounts in races where the candidates were less than 0.5 percentage points apart. Those recounts are mandatory by state law and are done at taxpayer expense.

In House District 8B, where 21,288 votes were cast, Representative Mary Franson (R-Alexandria) holds an 11-vote lead (0.05 percent) over DFL challenger Bob Cunniff. Former DFL Senator Kevin Dahle holds a 78-vote lead (0.19 percent) over Republican Mike Dudley. More than 41,000 votes were cast in that race.

Recounts are scheduled to begin Wednesday in both districts, and the State Canvassing Board is scheduled to reconvene at 1:30 p.m. Dec. 4 to finalize the results.

Official election results show that the total number of voters was 2,950,780. Of those votes, 267,464 were cast by absentee ballot and 527,867 voters used same-day registration.

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