ELECTION EVE SPECIAL: A Trove Of Coverage From The UpTake

Minneapolis City Hall

Still making up your mind about who to choose as your Top Three candidates for Mayor of Minneapolis?


The UpTake is proud to present a last-minute Grab Bag of election stories going back to May, including one story on the Ward One St Paul City Council race and seven videotaped debates among the Minneapolis mayoral candidates. Our intent is merely to help you as you pull an All-Nighter and bone up on the issues and the candidates in Tuesday’s election. We start with our compendium of video interviews with 18 of the candidates for mayor, presented here in alphabetical order. (All 35 mayoral candidates were invited to talk to us; these 18 agreed, including six of the leading candidates: Mark Andrew, Jackie Cherryhomes, Dan Cohen, Betsy Hodges, Cam Winton and Stephanie Woodruff) .

After the video interviews, you will find our stories listed in chronological order. Just click on the links to read the stories.

DFL candidates Talk GLBTQ Issues; Mark Andrew Endorsed By Stonewall Caucus

Candidates Squirm During Mayoral Debate On Racial Quality

DFL Convention Fails To Endorse Mayor Candidate; Importance Of RCV Comes To Fore

Candidates Paint Themselves Green At Energy/Environment Debate

Food Fight Breaks Out At Candidate Debate On Education

Mayoral Race: 35 Candidates, Confusion And Promises To Stay Out Of Strip Clubs

Review: Mayoral Education Debate: Candidates All Singing Same Hymn

Mayoral Poll: Lots Of Contenders, No Clear Leader…

Rah Rah Rah For Ski-U-Mah: Candidates Debate At U of Minnesota

Candidate Stephanie Woodruff Rips “Shameful” Vikings Stadium Project

Social Media: Which Candidates Lead On Facebook And Twitter?

Ward Nine Council Candidate Tries To Reclaim City’s Socialist Heritage

Mayoral Candidates Face Off At League Of Women Voters Forum

Former Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton: Bring EVERYONE To The Table

The UpTake’s Mayoral Debate: Reinventing The City

Ranks And Choices: The “Minor” Candidates Speak Their Piece

Mayoral Candidate James Everett: He May Not Win But He Should Be Heard

Minneapolis’ Ward 6: Somali Voters, New Citizens May Hold Key In Council Race

St Paul: Ward One Race Brings Diversity, Ranked Choice Voting to Hotly Contested Council Fight

Why You Will Like Ranked Choice Voting

Bowling For Votes: Mayoral Candidates Hold “Improv” Night At Bryant-Lake Bowl


Candid Candidates: DAN COHEN


Candid Candidates: MARK ANDREW

Candid Candidates: CAM WINTON

Candid Candidates: BETSY HODGES

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