Rally For Anti-Bullying Bill Draws Hundreds To Capitol

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Hundreds of people rallied at the Capitol Monday (March 3) to urge lawmakers to pass the “Safe and Supportive Schools Act” — also known as the anti-bullying bill.

Chief author of the bill, Sen. Scott Dibble (DFL-Minneapolis), says things are going well this year. A similar measure failed to pass in 2013. Dibble says this year’s version of the bill has some small “tweaks” and defines things better.

“I’m interested in a bill that functions well so that young people can be safe and protected in their schools and I think we’re getting a really good bill together.”

The School Board Association has not been supportive of the anti-bullying bill. Dibble didn’t say if the tweaks he’s made to the bill means they will support it. However, he says that some school organizations that were not in favor of the bill may support it now.

Dibble said that after the rally, many of the young people who attended were planning on visiting lawmakers face-to-face “to tell their stories about what the reality and the truth is in their lives and why they need a change so they can be safe from bullying in their schools, so they don’t have to make that choice on a daily basis: ‘Do I be safe today, or do I go to school?'”

In a press release, Dibble described why the legislation is needed:

“Over 11 percent of all kids are bullied weekly; over 30 percent (say) they’re viewed as different. The 37 words we have on the (law) books right now don’t accomplish anything to protect our kids. Children deserve to feel safe in school and, if they are bullied, we need to make sure it stops.

“The Safe and Supportive Schools Act clearly defines bullying, ensures protections for youngsters, gives teachers and administrators the tools and the ability to address bullying — especially prevention measures. When a school’s climate changes, the kids who felt targeted and isolated will now be supported, and benefit tremendously. With protections and better practices, all kids will be feeling better, doing better and our schools will become an even better place to be for everyone.”

2 thoughts on “Rally For Anti-Bullying Bill Draws Hundreds To Capitol

  1. If you’re going to put together an anti-bullying law, ALL victims and potential victims of bullying need to be included.

    Time after time, especially in this last year, we’ve seen law abiding gun owners and their children become the target of the anti-rights bullies. These attacks and bullying tactics against law abiding gun owners and permit-to-carry holders have been ramping up at an alarming rate recently, and there’s no doubt that the adults perpetrating this bullying are instilling that same bullying attitude in their children, who will no doubt be targeting their innocent classmates with similar harassment, attacks and bullying.

    In light of the evidence I will post below, the language in the bill needs to be amended to include ALL of the potential targets of bullying, as follows:

    >>Intimidating, threatening, abusive, or harassing conduct may involve, but is not limited to, conduct that is directed at a student or students based on a person’s (or parent’s) actual or perceived:

    –Political affiliation (Conservative, Republican, Tea Party, etc)

    –Membership or participation in various clubs or organizations (i.e. NRA, other gun rights orgs, gun clubs, etc.)

    –Participation in various hobbies, lifestyles or competitions (i.e. shooting sports, hunting, target practice, etc.)

    As we’ve publicly seen published in mainstream media, newspapers, YouTube and Twitter feeds, the anti-rights bullies make no secret about their instability and their desire for harm to come to law abiding citizens who happen to be gun owners (I can provide the direct links to any of the items below for those who want the evidence):

    –Donald Kaul in the Des Moines Register calling for the death of NRA members and for its supporters to be dragged behind pick up trucks, and for a perfectly legal and law abiding organization, the NRA, to be classified as a “terrorist organization.

    That’s BULLYING.

    –The Journal News published the addresses of legal, law abiding gun owners in their newspaper.

    That’s BULLYING.

    –A gun control proponent on YouTube calls for the murder of Michelle Bachmann: “I think we should shoot the bastards…. Especially Michele Bachmann. I think we should stick her up

    on a wall and put a bullet in her.”

    That’s BULLYING.

    –Texas Democratic Party Official Calls For Murder of NRA Members. Texas Democrat Party official John Cobarruvias issued multiple terrorist threats to begin hunting and killing people who voice support for legal gun ownership:

    “Can we now shoot the #NRA and everyone who defends them?,” he wrote on Twitter, also writing on his blog, “They need to [be] wiped off the face of the earth.”

    That’s BULLYING.

    Liberals on Twitter call for murder of NRA members:

    @prisonforbush: “Someone should shoot this m*****f****r NRA President David Keene,” added Michael Mayer. In at least two other tweets, “Mayer” suggested using Keene for “target practice.”

    @angrydemdotcom: “#GunControl will exist when some nutjob chooses to exercise their #2ndAmendment rights at #NRA headquarters…”

    @90sRememberer: “Murder every NRA member”

    @Arseburgers: “…Get every member of the NRA to stand in a circle, aim & shoot…”

    That’s BULLYING

    Post-Newtown witch hunt: NRA president and members bombarded with death threats:

    See Twitchy.

    That’s BULLYING

    Professor Calls for NRA Member’s Death By Firing Squad: May 30, 2013, WV Gazette.

    That’s BULLYING

    Sept. 19, 2013, Journalism professor says he hopes for murder of NRA members’ children: http://www.examiner.com/…/journalism-professor-says-he…

    That’s BULLYING.