DFL Chair Blasts Fellow Democrat Entenza For Trying To “Buy” Election

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Bill Sorem

DFL Party Chair Ken Martin offers a post-primary view of Matt Entenza and Republicans

Minnesota Democrat Matt Entenza’s political career may not be officially over, but “he’s burned a lot of bridges” said Democratic Farmer Labor Party Chair Ken Martin. Entenza challenged the DFL’s endorsed candidate for State Auditor in a primary. He spent a lot of money and lost by a huge 85% to 15% margin.

“I think it would be very difficult for him to come back at this point”, Martin told a post-primary election news conference. Entenza angered many DFL party activists when he filed at the last minute to run against two-term DFL endorsed candidate Rebecca Otto.

Entenza “affirmed for many people that Matt Entenza really was about Matt Entenza and that his own blind ambition got the better of him”, added Martin.

“You had a guy who spent, you know, 675 thousand dollars to try to buy a auditor’s seat and he went up against the party endorsement and the party won.”

Martin managed to turn the DFL family feud into a warning to Republicans. “I think the reason Matt Entenza lost, and this should be a wake-up call to candidates like Mike McFadden (Republican candidate for U.S. Senate), look what happened with two candidates in Scott Honour (Republican candidate for governor) and Matt Entenza who tried to buy the election,” said Martin. Honour, like Entenza, self-funded his campaign and spent a lot of money.

Martin had plenty to say about the winner of the Republican gubernatorial primary, Jeff Johnson, calling him a “Tea Party extremist”. When pressed on what made him that, Martin replied that the media should ask Johnson why he has gotten up in front of groups multiple times and declared himself a member of the Tea Party. Martin defended the “extremist” label, saying the Tea Party has taken many positions that are outside of mainstream Minnesota politics.

At top: video highlights of Ken Martins news conference
Below: video of the entire news conference

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  1. I think I got all the Entenza mailers. The real winner was the printer and the Post Office.