Johnson Accepts Dayton Six Debate Proposal, But Wants Two More

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Jeff Johnson and Mark Dayton

Jeff Johnson and Mark Dayton

The Johnson campaign has responded to the Dayton campaign’s debate proposal in a letter to Katie Tinucci, Campaign Manager for Mark Dayton:

August 25, 2014
Dear Katie,

While we appreciate your response, we are disappointed in the Dayton campaign’s counteroffer of five October debates and one November debate, which we believe deprives Minnesotans of sufficient opportunity to compare and contrast the candidates on the wide variety of issues that face our state.

Additionally, not debating at the state fair, in spite of the fact that several credible opportunities exist, eliminates the chance for large numbers of Minnesota voters to hear our respective visions.

However, in the interest of compromise, we propose eight debates. We accept each of the six debates outlined in your August 20 proposal, provided each is televised, either live or on tape delay. The two additional debates we request are the Sunday, October 5 KSTP-TV debate and the Friday, October 17 KMSP/FOX 9 debate at Hamline University outlined in our proposal of last week.

We also suggest the open-ended week of October 20 debate in your proposal be hosted by WCCO in partnership with the Humphrey Institute.

In 2010, then-candidate Dayton, upon the completion of the 26th debate, in response to a question on the number of debates, stated, “I think it’s been terrific for Minnesota…It’s a great antidote for 30- second sound bite- 30-second commercials and 7-second sound bites, and it’s given people all over Minnesota a chance to see us firsthand and hear from us directly.”

We agree, and believe eight debates will serve as a great antidote to 30-second commercials and 7- second sound bites. We look forward to finalizing this reasonable debate counteroffer.

Gregg Peppin
Senior Advisor Johnson for Governor

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