Two MN Governors Speed On I-94 Outrunning Highway Patrol

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Bill Sorem

A highway patrol car was left in the dust as former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura and then current Governor Tim Pawlenty “buried the needle” on the new Porsche Ventura was driving on I-94.

That’s one of the stories Pawlenty told former House Speaker Steve Sviggum on Friday as the two talked about Pawlenty’s political past and Minnesota’s current politics.

Transcript and video

Well I’ll tell you a quick story. When I was governor, Jesse Ventura, you know even though we didn’t agree on everything, never publicly criticized me. And so he came to see me one day and he had a new Porsche.

So he wanted to take me on a ride in his new two seater Porsche, I think it was like a Targa or something.

And so, the state patrol stayed behind and we got on 94 between St. Paul and Minneapolis. And he just floored it. And this was in the middle of the afternoon – just me and Ventura.

And he buried the needle and state troopers weren’t even in the… couldn’t even see them in the rear view mirror. And while we’re doing this we’re talking about this issue.

And I said “you know I really appreciate Governor that fact that you don’t, you know kick me in the shins like some of these other knuckleheads” and he said “you know what, I don’t always agree with you but it’s a hard job and I figure I should give you a wide berth to just kind of let you do what you want to do weighing in unless something really goes bad.”

So I’m thinking cool. I’m not going to tell anybody that we just broke the law speeding on 94. (audience laughter)

So mums the word. He goes on Jay Leno, like I don’t know a week or two later, a month later. And he says on Jay Leno he took me out on his Porsche and went 120 miles an hour or whatever it was on 94. And I’m like, so much for the secrecy. (audience laughter)

See the complete session and other video highlights here.

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