Voqal Fund grants $30,000 to strengthen The UpTake’s legislative coverage

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Voqal Fund Logo

Voqal Fund Logo

Voqal Fund, an initiative of Voqal.org that is dedicated to progressive social change by supporting nonprofit media and technology, has announced it is providing The UpTake with a $30,000 grant in support of its livestream and on-demand legislative video coverage.

Access to video of the Minnesota legislature is critical to empowering citizens to participate in our democracy. However, there are gaps video coverage at the Minnesota State Capitol.

State provided video feeds are available to the public and the news media, but are not easy for media to embed in their online stories. The UpTake provides those state feeds in an easy to embed form and supplements them with live video of additional hearings and news conferences the state does not have the capacity to cover. This means more real-time and on-demand video coverage of economic justice, immigration, religious freedom debates, voting rights, education policy and reform, race and many other issues at the Minnesota Legislature.

“We’re proud to support the work of The UpTake and applaud their efforts to increase access to democracy,” said Voqal President John Schwartz.

About Voqal Fund

The Voqal Fund is dedicated to supporting the dissemination of alternative ideas and building a more engaged public to effect progressive social change and disrupt the status quo. Through various grant-making and fellowship initiatives, the Voqal Fund supports nonprofit organizations and individuals using media and technology to empower those who are politically, economically or socially disenfranchised.

About The UpTake

The mission of The UpTake is to find and tell the truth without fear or favor; provide citizens with the tools to report and explain events without relying on news controlled by large corporations; and hold power accountable and make government transparent to the governed.

Jeff Achen

Jeff was a television, print, and digital reporter from 1999 until 2009. He has worked extensively in the nonprofit and journalism communities of the Twin Cities since 2006, serving as a digital strategist for Minnesota Philanthropy Partners and GiveMN.org from 2010 until 2014. Jeff is an active video producer, photographer and owner of CallSign51, a creative services company specializing in video production and photography. He is a longstanding member of the Society of Professional Journalists and former Minnesota Pro Chapter board member. Additionally, he is a Navy veteran and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Nepal).

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