Video Replay – Dismantling The “New Jim Crow” Laws

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Thursday night, Minneapolis City Council members and groups concerned about laws that police may be abusing to harass the public held a discussion about repealing some of those laws -called the “New Jim Crow” laws because police use them disproportionately against minorities.

The discussion at Mathews Park in Minneapolis was live streamed on The UpTake.

Below is the Facebook post from council member Cam Gordon describing the event

Come learn about the New Jim Crow and how it is alive and well in Minneapolis and why we need to dismantle it.

The evening will include a presentation and time for a deeper facilitated community discussion.

This will include time to learn more about two ordinance amendments I and Council Member Blong Yang are working on this spring that, if approved, will repeal the City’s prohibition on lurking with intent to commit a crime and spitting on the sidewalk and some other surfaces.

I favor repeal of these ordinances because they are outdated, poorly crafted, unnecessary, ineffective and contribute to persistent racial and economic disparities in our city. While they are problematic each in their own way, I am most interested in repealing them because of the subtle role they both play in supporting a biased, unfair criminal justice system that, perhaps unintentionally or inadvertently, contributes to and perpetuates the significant racial disparities we find in Minneapolis today, and in our country. The meeting is co-convened by myself, CM Yang, the Coalition for Critical Change, Black Lives Matter, the ACLU and others. I hope that the effort to repeal these rarely enforced ordinances might help us all engage in a deeper discussion about justice, public safety, institutional racism, the role authority figures play in the racialization of our young and how vastly different we experience life in Minneapolis depending on our race and economic status.

Please join the conversation about these laws and how they fit into the larger effort to dismantle the New Jim Crow and finish the work of ending racial injustice in America. Everyone is welcome.

Michael McIntee

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4 thoughts on “Video Replay – Dismantling The “New Jim Crow” Laws

  1. Minneapolis is considering repealing its “spitting and lurking” laws that are used disproportionately against African Americans and poor people.

  2. Both “disproportionately” and “more often” are accurate descriptions. “More often” would mean most of the people cited under those laws are African Americans and poor people. “Disproportionately” also conveys that more African Americans and poor people are cited under these laws than the percentage they represent in the total population of Minneapolis.