Incorrect Bill Number Announced As MN House Ended In Chaos

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Vote Register Board Lists No Bill Number On Final House Vote

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Vote Register Board Lists No Bill Number On Final House Vote

As the clocked ticked off the seconds remaining to midnight, House members yelled out that they hadn’t seen the bill that they were about to vote on.

Adding to the confusion was the House clerk announcing a bill number that was apparently different than what lawmakers were expecting. The official house register shows the last minute vote was on HF 1437 the jobs, economic development and energy bill that had passed minutes ago in the Senate.

But the House clerk announced it was HF 1077,a summary of that bill describes it as “Technical changes to Minnesota Statutes made resulting from repeal of outdated and redundant statutes relating to public safety.” The description the House clerk gave of the bill was “an act relating to agriculture”, which is the short description listed for the jobs, economic and energy bill.

HF 1077 was referred to the House Public Safety Committee on February 19, never had a hearing and was never sent to the Senate.

The House vote register board which normally lists what bill has been voted on did not have a House or Senate File listed on it, just the final vote of 75-9. (Several House members had not voted in the chaotic end to the session.)

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One thought on “Incorrect Bill Number Announced As MN House Ended In Chaos

  1. The man with the gavel is disgusting in his Terminator-like manner and inability to listen. He needs to be impeached or fired or run out of town on a rail…whatever it is they do up in Minnesota to charlatans and incompetents.