Video Replay-Public Weighs In On Repeal Of “New Jim Crow” Laws In Minneapolis

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Minneapolis public hearing on lurking & spitting laws

Bill Sorem

Minneapolis public hearing on lurking & spitting laws

City council member Cam Gordon calls the Minneapolis laws against spitting and lurking the “New Jim Crow” laws because he says police often use them to harass blacks. Gordon along with fellow council member Blong Yang are leading a drive to have those laws repealed.

The no spitting law hasn’t been revised for more than 100 years. The lurking law has been on the books since the 1960s.

A Minneapolis City Council committee held a public hearing on the repeal. They voted unanimously to recommend the full council repeal the laws when they meet in June.

Gordon said that repealing the laws won’t change structural racism, but telling stories like was done at today’s hearing will. Watch the video to hear those stories.

Video highlights & background on the spitting and lurking laws

Mel Reeves: Too Much Lurking by Police, Too Much Spitting On the Constitution

Nekima Levy Pounds: Need To Change More Than Just Spitting and Lurking Ordinance

Background on the spitting law ordinance (PDF)

Background on the lurking ordinance (PDF)

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