Polar Explorer Steger Urges MN To Cut Back On Coal Burning, Use Clean Energy Instead

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Bill Sorem

Minnesotan Will Steger has been to both poles and has seen firsthand the effects of climate change. He is urging lawmakers in his home state to move ahead with a federal initiative called the Clean Power Plan to cut back coal burning that speeds the effects of climate change.

“Even though coal-fired electricity threatens many of the things most valuable to us, there are currently no national protections on how much carbon can be released into our air by power plants,” said Steger, founder of Climate Generation: A Will Steger Legacy, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and empowering people to engage in solutions to climate change. “The Clean Power Plan would help address some of the devastating impacts of climate change, which we’re already beginning to see in Minnesota. Reducing carbon pollution is among our most urgent priorities.”

The Clean Power Plan is an initiative under the federal Clean Air Act. Each state has the responsibility to develop and implement a plan to reduce its emissions under the Clean Power Plan. Since the plan was announced a year ago, Minnesota’s lawmakers have taken no new steps to reduce emissions from coal-burning electricity.

Minnesota falling behind

“Despite the fact that Minnesota once led the nation in clean energy initiatives with the 2007 Next Generation Energy Act, we have now stalled in our forward momentum,” said Steger in a press release. “We face many issues in our state, but reducing carbon pollution is among our most urgent.”

Video at top: highlights of clean energy news conference
Video below: entire news conference

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