Video: Bernie Sanders Speaks To 600 In Rochester

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders makes his second campaign stop in Minnesota and speaks to about 600 supporters in Rochester.

The Sanders campaign scheduled the appearance because it was on the way to Iowa. He spoke to about 10,000 people last night in Madison, Wisconsin.

Sanders hit upon many of the themes he did during his previous visit to Minnesota - economic fairness being the main one. He said the economy is “rigged” since one-tenth of one percent of the population owns most of the country’s wealth.

Video courtesy of the Rochester Post Bulletin.

Michael McIntee

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7 thoughts on “Video: Bernie Sanders Speaks To 600 In Rochester

  1. Probably not completely white, though I wouldn’t call Rochester the most diverse city in existence.

  2. I’d venture Rochester Minnesota is pretty white. Bernie Sanders speaks to all Americans … as soon as African Americans get to know Bernie Sanders they will support him. He has been on the front line of Civil Rights since the 60′s. Hillary Clinton separates Black Americans into special group which helps no one. To combat the racial and social injustice in our country we must stand up as one. It is an old and stale tactic to get progressives to fight one another so the elite can continue to control and destroy our country.

  3. To be fair you can’t round up people and make them attend. I am sure some people are so fed up with “the system” that they just have no interest in hearing what anyone has to say at this point. Through a Grass Roots Movement we can help people (all people) see who Bernie Sanders is, and what he stands for. Gentle, positive, upbeat, non confrontational truths will enlighten :)

  4. ^^^ this! In 1963, as a student, Bernie organized student sit-ins to protest racial segregation on College campus. In that same year, he also participated in the historic march on Washington DC where Martin Luther King Jr. gave his historic “I have a dream” speech. Bernie’s track record is clean and concise on his beliefs. He is a man of the people, and it is time a progressive revolution pushed him to the top!