Organizational Housecleaning At The UpTake

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To sharpen our focus, The UpTake is doing some organizational housecleaning by dissolving an old portion of the organization that we really don’t use anymore.

The UpTake has been two non-profit organizations — a 501(c)4 that we started in 2007 as we were just getting in business and a 501c(3) that today does all of our work. The (c)3 is a tax-deductible charitable organization for reporting and for teaching people how to do video journalism. The (c)4 is for political action.

We’re dissolving the (c)4 not only because it really hasn’t been active since we started it, but also because we want to reaffirm our focus on the (c)3 mission of covering news and teaching others how to do the same.

It cuts down the paperwork our overworked accountant has to do every year as well.

The only real difference is that the 501(c)3 is known as The UpTake Institute. That’s the official name to write on

Jeff Achen

Jeff was a television, print, and digital reporter from 1999 until 2009. He has worked extensively in the nonprofit and journalism communities of the Twin Cities since 2006, serving as a digital strategist for Minnesota Philanthropy Partners and from 2010 until 2014. Jeff is an active video producer, photographer and owner of CallSign51, a creative services company specializing in video production and photography. He is a longstanding member of the Society of Professional Journalists and former Minnesota Pro Chapter board member. Additionally, he is a Navy veteran and Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Nepal).

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