Jamar Clark Murder Investigation Already “Screwed Up,” Says Police Brutality Prevention Group

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Bill Sorem

The president of a group that fights police brutality in Minneapolis is convinced the investigation into police fatally shooting an unarmed black man on Sunday is already “screwed up.” Communities United Against Police Brutality President Michelle Gross says police messed up the investigation as soon as Jamar Clark was shot.

Gross says what Minneapolis police did at the scene will prevent the state Bureau of Criminal Investigation and the FBI, which have both been called in to investigate, from gathering all of the eyewitness accounts.

“It’s not going to be a good investigation. They’ve already done it wrong. And they cannot undo, no matter what the BCA or the federal government does, they cannot undo what happened on that night right after the incident,” Gross told The UpTake in an interview on Wednesday.

“An invading army of white cops jumps out of the car, pepper spraying people, pointing guns at people, pointing tasers at people, shooing people away and it was very offensive because there were witnesses whose statements and information needed to be gathered immediately,” said Gross. “No one will talk to the cops now because of that treatment. And there is no investigation of that treatment.”

“People don’t want to cooperate with police because they’re offended and they’re fearful.”

Police Union Actions Are Frustrating

Police and investigators have refused to release video of the shooting, saying it could taint eyewitness testimony. However, Bob Kroll, President of the Minneapolis police union, released details of the shooting — saying Clark was trying to grab an officer’s gun when police shot him in the back of the head.

The lack of video while the police union attempts to set the media narrative has Gross frustrated. “Under their contract they’re allowed 48 hours to fabricate their story.”

Bill Sorem

Bill Sorem is a longtime advertising professional who started with Campbell Mithun and ended up with his own agency. After a tour as a sailing fleet manager in the Virgin Islands he turned to database programming as an independent consultant. He has written sailing guides for the British Virgin Islands and Belize, and written for a number of blogs. In 2010, he volunteered as a citizen journalist with The UpTake and has stayed on as a video reporter.

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