MOA Seeks Injunction Against Black Lives Matter Protest & Social Media

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Black Lives Matter

Tweet and Facebook that it’s cancelled, or go to jail. That’s part of a temporary restraining order the Mall of America wants a judge to sign against organizers of a Black Lives Matter rally scheduled for Wednesday at the Mall.

Black Lives Matter says a draft of the temporary restraining was sent to homes of “four alleged leaders” of the event. The document shows the Mall wants to restrict Black Lives Matter from holding a demonstration at the MOA or encouraging others to do so.

“Defendants and their agents are ordered to delete and take down any online materials, including Facebook, messages on Twitter, and online messages in any other form, that solicit or encourage others to engage in any demonstration on MOA Premises on December 23, 2015 or that provide information about the planned demonstration on MOA Premises on December 23, 2015,” says the document.

If the temporary restraining order is approved by a Hennepin County Judge, Black Lives Matter would be required to tweet and post on Facebook that the rally has been cancelled or organizers would face jail time.

A press release from Black Lives Matter calls the Mall’s action an “outrageous and totalitarian step of attempting to control the speech of individuals.”

Black Lives Matter says it will hold the rally at the nation’s largest shopping mall on one of the busiest shopping days of the year unless its demands are met. The group wants investigators in the police shooting death of Jamar Clark to release video related to the shooting, prosecute the police officers involved in the shooting without a grand jury and bring federal charges against white supremacists who shot five protesters.

A similarly timed protest last year at the MOA drew nearly 3,000 Black Lives Matter supporters. The Mall of America and Bloomington police responded by sending in officers in riot gear, shutting down the mall for several hours.

Read the proposed restraining order

MOA Temporary Restraining Order

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9 thoughts on “MOA Seeks Injunction Against Black Lives Matter Protest & Social Media

  1. Protesting for positive change is effective and usually a good thing. But this mall is private property. I wouldn’t want a clansman coming onto my property and telling me how I’m supposed to think. Nor anyone else.

  2. Congress shall make No Law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or Abridging the Freedom of Speech, or of the Press; or the RIGHT of the People Peaceably to Assemble, and to Petition the Government for a Redress of Grievances – unless Billionaires say No

  3. This has nothing to do with race. I would call for any race to be arrested for disturbing the peaceful Christmas shopping.

  4. Private business??!! really RobF? People are being murdered and murderers covering it up and getting away with it. I still do not understand why people not getting to concept that if you are BLACK the constitution does not apply to us- so why follow it?

    I refuse to sit here and talk about laws ( private properties, court proceedings, injuctions) that do not give justice or preserve the civil rights of black & brown people!

    fuk MOA!!!

    the same energy used to keep protesters out is the same energy could be use to help protect people that look like me and MOA had the opportunity here to be on the right side of history BUT OF COURSE YET AGAIN white supremacy will fight to the death. MOA cares just as much about me and people who look like me as much as the Amerikkkan justice system does- NOT ONE DAMN BIT! Black folks & all my people of color- IT IS TIME!

    Capitalism in this country began with the enslavement of my ancestors. Capitalism is able to be maintain because of the participation of the oppressed. Black Americans spend 1.4 trillion. THEY have no problem taking our money at the mall but to protest the unjust killing of these people- NOT SO FAST.