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Video Replay- “Making A Murder” The Reporters Who Covered Steven Avery

Tom Kertscher, Jessica Olstad  and Jay Olstad covered the Steven Avery trial.

Did police frame Steven Avery, the subject of a Netflix documentary “Making A Murderer”? Three of the reporters who covered the trial talk about what they saw in the courtroom and how it compares to the popular Netflix series. Continue Reading →

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Artists “Break The Silence” Of White Privilege At #Justice4Jamar Fundraiser

Sagirah Shahid And Misty Rowan

“Doors getting slammed in their (minorities) faces and you don’t even notice there’s doors there. Because to you they’re just door frames.” said Poet Misty Rowan to the mostly black crowd that clicked their fingers in approval. Continue Reading →

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Video Replay – Sanders Forum Focuses On The Black Experience In Minnesota


Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders talks about racial issues at an event billed as “Black Forum MN” and takes some heat from a co-founder of the American Indian Movement. Continue Reading →

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Black Lives Matter Needs A “Specific Goal” To Succeed Says Sen. Bakk

Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk

Sen. Tom Bakk says Black Lives Matter will peter out like the Occupy Wall Street movement unless it comes up with a specific goal. And a legislative solution to economic and racial disparities will take some study. Continue Reading →

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