Obama: Don’t Assume I’ll Appoint A Moderate To Supreme Court

President Obama is asked if the country should assume that he will nominate a moderate to the US Supreme Court because of potential Republican opposition. He says no. He says people should not make assumptions about his Supreme Court nominee except that he/she will be qualified.

Asked about making a recess appointment, Obama said it is important to go through the process.

Later Obama was asked what his foreign guests at the ASEAN conference thought the Republican presidential candidates, particularly Donald Trump. Obama said while Trump gets the headlines, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and the rest of the candidates are basically saying the same thing. They all deny climate change. He trusts that the American people will not elect any of them.

Video of press conference

Video above: Obama fields questions about how he will make a Supreme Court nomination.
Video below: Obama evaluates the GOP presidential candidates.

Michael McIntee

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