Rubio “Electable” Alternative To Trump Say MN Supporters

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“Anybody but Trump.”

The middle-aged woman waiting to hear Marco Rubio bluntly stated what many in the crowd of about 1,500 people seemed to be thinking. Trump is “the most arrogant, rude, narcissistic politician I think I have ever heard,” and that is one reason why she thinks Rubio is “by far the most electable.”

“Electable” was the word repeated over and over by Rubio and dozens of his supporters The UpTake interviewed at his Minneapolis rally a week before Minnesota’s March 1 caucuses.

“We have to nominate someone in the Republican party that has a chance of winning the election,” Rubio told the crowd. “I know I can win this election. You know who else knows I can win this election? The Democrats know I can win this election.”

Without mentioning Trump, Rubio warned about making Trump the Republican nominee. “This cannot be an election about nominating someone just to make a point. This can’t just be an election nominating about someone because they seem angrier than everybody else. We’re all angry. We’re all frustrated.”

Rubio supporters were of the same mind. “Well I think he (Rubio) has the best chance to beat Hillary by far,” said a younger supporter. “He appeals to all demographics. And obviously we don’t want another Democrat in office.”

An older woman drew a contrast between Rubio and Trump. “He (Trump) is not running a campaign where he’s bad mouthing the other parties. (Rubio) is running a clean… and I like his positions. I think he’ll be a good president.”

Youth vote

This Rubio rally at the downtown Hyatt hotel drew several groups of younger voters. Five young men from Fridley’s private Totino-Grace High School were asked if they were the “Rubio brigade.” “Yeah” they answered in unison. “We’re the youth brigade” said one. They were planning to vote this year.

One woman was with a group of Freshmen from the University of St. Thomas. She said she was there to “get informed” but was a “fan of Marco Rubio, for sure.” “He’s my favorite Republican candidate. And for awhile there was a lot of discrepancies between the other candidates, and I feel that Marco Rubio is just a really good stand out guy and he is genuine.”

“I really like Marco’s stance on national defense,” said another young voter. I think he could keep the country safe which is why I’m very supportive of him.”

Rubio has proposed spending an additional trillion dollars on the military over the next ten years, but has not said how he would pay for that increase — a position that has drawn criticism from fiscal conservatives.

Ted Cruz is another Trump alternative, but some of his campaign tactics have turned off potential supporters in Minnesota. “I was supporting Ted, but he (Rubio) doesn’t pull dirty tricks,” said a new Rubio supporter.

Conservatives supporting Rubio believe that he can help turn back the clock on some “moral issues.” “I support marriage between one man and one woman,” said an older female Rubio supporter who also cited preventing abortions as an important issue.”I think our country is falling apart because we’ve lost the stance that our country was founded on.”

A Minneapolis Star Tribune poll done a month ago found Rubio with a small lead over Trump, but it was still within the margin of error. And that was before several of the other candidates dropped out. Since then, Trump’s appeal has grown in national polls as he amassed wins in several states.

That worries one of Rubio’s older female supporters. “I think Donald Trump is the Democrat’s dream come true,” she said. But Rubio “is the Democrat’s worst nightmare.”

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19 thoughts on “Rubio “Electable” Alternative To Trump Say MN Supporters

  1. I might feel better toward Rubio, if the guy had actually ever held a job… I mean an actual job – any kind of job.

  2. Trump may be rude, arrogant, and narcissistic, but at least he’s not a crook. I urge anyone thinking about voting for Marco Rubio to check out Marco Rubio on the web and all the shady crap he’s been involved with. Starting PACs and putting his family on the payroll, improperly using his GOP credit card for personal uses, using his position as a legislature member in Florida to get his ex con brother in law a real estate license, the list goes on and on. This guy is a liar and a crook…..

  3. Oh…by the way, he’s also been linked to having extra marital affairs, shady real estate dealings, associating with former felons, doing favors for people by switching positions after they help him out financially….see the Mark Cereceda and Marco Rubio connection….man, the list is long.

  4. As a middle aged, middle income, straight, white man with almost no religion, Trump would probably represent my economic interests. If I didn’t give a flying F about anyone else in the country, he’d have a good shot at getting my vote.

  5. The politicians STILL don’t get it. Trump and Sanders are gaining popularity for one reason – they aren’t perceived as the bribe-takers that all the other politicians are seen as.

  6. Rubio is not even doing the job that he is getting paid for currently. But he is still collecting his check. Sorry Rubio is just another bought and paid for politician…and IM NOT BUYIN!!!

  7. I think people in America have turned into cowards, at least the Republicans. They are so afraid of everything that the only “binky” they can hold onto is guns and bibles. They fear women and children being brought to this country, they fear the Democrats for making them look stupid. (Remember you are the only one that can make yourself look or feel stupid.) The news they watch, if you call faux, Rush,
    Beck and the rest, news, fills them with dread and the “sky is always falling” They fear that actually helping people is just giving a hand out to undeserving takers. They are racist, homophobic idiots that will espouse any form of hate they hear from their talking head Demi-Gods. No need to do any research, just listen to the lies and pass them on. If they really loved this country, they would stop trying to kill so many of us. (Water-Texas, Michigan, Ohio Earthquakes – Oklahoma Climate change – Worldwide, Medicare cuts -
    Elderly, ObamaCare uninsured 17+ million Americans) . It is hard to believe people withhalf a brain fall for their crap. Maybe that sums up the Republi”con” party. GOP (Government Oppressing People)

  8. Every politician has been accused of that stuff, too. Obama made a shady real estate deal with Tony Rezko, who ended up in jail…..

  9. Rubio, the youngest toad peddling the oldest and lamest positions – trickle-down economics, endless war, “moral” legislation, anti-gay, anti-woman, wackiness.
    Cannot wait to see how Trump takes him down. JEB! never recovered from “low-energy”, and Cruz will never recover from the charges of being a “baby” and a “liar”.
    In the GOP, only a blustering, pompous, know-nothing like Trump will speak the truth.

  10. They are afraid of him because if Trump is nominated there is going to be another 4 years of a democrat in the white house.

  11. I feel it is better to vote Rubio than it is to vote Clinton and better than trump. Something about him just doesn’t seem to ring true.