Clinton Would Have Beat Sanders In A MN Primary Says Gov. Dayton

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Bernie Sanders won Minnesota’s Super Tuesday caucuses by a wide margin, but Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton says if the state would have held a primary, Hillary Clinton would have been the victor.

Dayton says Democratic Party activists were reason Bernie Sanders won. Dayton knows something about the caucus system and party activists. In 2010 when Dayton ran for his first term as Governor, delegates elected at the caucuses ultimately denied him the party’s endorsement. He ran against the DFL party endorsed candidate, Margaret Anderson Kelliher, and beat her in the primary. He then went on to win the general election.

“Hillary Clinton in my judgement would have won a primary handily in Minnesota,” said Dayton. “The polls I’ve seen statewide in terms of voting show…support that.”

A late January Star Tribune poll gave Clinton a 34 percentage point lead over Sanders. However, the poll had 5.7% plus or minus margin of error because only about 300 Democrats were interviewed for the poll. The poll did not screen out voters who were not likely to attend their caucuses.

Sanders won the bulk of delegates in Minnesota, but Dayton and many other Minnesota “Super delegates” are supporters of Clinton.

Dayton says he’s in support of making Minnesota a presidential primary state as Rep. Pat Garofalo has proposed.

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7 thoughts on “Clinton Would Have Beat Sanders In A MN Primary Says Gov. Dayton

  1. So… Sanders beat Clinton by about 30,000 votes. What polling was he looking at besides the January one of 300 participants? How is he concluding Clinton would have beaten Sanders in a primary when he beat her by 22 points in the caucus?

  2. Meh. This Dayton sounds like a nervous chump. “Sorry I failed you Queen Hillary and sorry I couldn’t rig the caucuses in your favor they way Sen. Reid did in Nevada.”

  3. The problem with caucuses is that it leaves a lot of ppl out. Usually takes place in evenings. Ppl w kids have kids to put to bed. Some ppl work evenings and alot of college ppl don’t want to stand around in a room full of ppl for 3 hrs missing out on studying for midterms right now. So us in colorado w caucuses also turned out just like you all did for Bernie. So is it because Bernie ppl are more energized to show up? HC would have won because they didn’t want to take the time? A primary would have been easier?

  4. Only an omnipotent Creator knows the future and Governor Dayton doesn’t seem to be He/Her/It.

    Even a mere mortal, however, can be right. I prefer to think Minnesotans are not as inclined to subscribe to the pandering demagoguery of Ladyhawke as an otherwise fine governor has inexplicably.

    Best, Terry

  5. But Minnesota does not have a primary, does it. Clinton lost. Live with it.