Video Replay-“The War On Science” Pits Facts Vs. Politics

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The War On Science

Shawn Otto

The War On Science

Why do so many politicians and policy makers ignore science?

You’ve witnessed this in the political denial over climate change, but that’s not the only area where science is ignored. In his new book “The War On Science”, Minnesota author Shawn Otto makes the case that science is attacked because it is seen as a threat to the status quo. Politicians who represent groups that are afraid of losing power often attack or deny science as a way to hang on to that power.

Investigative journalist Don Shelby discusses the issue with Otto tonight and you can watch it live here on The UpTake.

Live video and bios

Biographies from Facebook page for this event.

SHAWN OTTO is cofounder and producer of the United States presidential Science Debates, the largest political initiative in the history of science. He is a recipient of the IEEE-USA National Distinguished Public Service Award for this work. He is also an award-winning novelist and screenwriter, best known for writing and co-producing the Academy Award-nominated House of Sand and Fog, and for the LA Times finalist novel, Sins of Our Fathers, a literary thriller set in Minnesota. His work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Science, Salon, and Scientific American. He lives in Minnesota.

DON SHELBY has a special interest in the environment and ecology. He worked for 32 years as anchor, investigative reporter and environmental correspondent for WCCO-TV. He also worked for 10 years as a radio personality for WCCO-AM. He has won numerous professional awards, and has twice won The George Foster Peabody award. He is a member of the Climate Science Rapid Response Team roundtable, serves on the boards of Minnesota GreenStar and the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy.

Michael McIntee

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