Obama Urges LGBT Activists To Fight All Discrimination

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Barack Obama at Pride Reception 2016

White House

Barack Obama at Pride Reception 2016

“Don’t ask, don’t tell don’t exist no more,” said President Obama to huge cheers from those gathered for a Pride month reception at the White House. It was one of the accomplishments Obama listed as he held his eighth annual meeting with LGBT supporters. Marriage equality was another.

“Discrimination is so last century,” said Obama talking about how his daughters recognize that love is love and families are families without distinction about sexual orientation. “So we live in a country where the laws are finally catching up to the hearts of kids and what they instinctively understand.”

More work to do

Obama said that change is not inevitable. “It can go backwards if we don’t work hard.” Voting being one of those things. “We’ve got more work to do.”

Obama said they needed to work not just for justice for the LGBT community “but for everybody. If you felt the sting of discrimination you don’t just fight the discrimination for yourself, you got to fight for the poor kid who needs opportunity. You need to fight for the working mom who can’t pay the bills. You got to fight for some young woman on the other side of the world who can’t get an education. It can’t just be about us, it’s about we and what we can do together.”

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