Community Reacts To Police Killing Philando Castile

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Sadness, pain and a vow to make change united friends of Philando Castile and other community members in St. Paul the day after police shot and killed him at a traffic stop.

Dianne Binns of the St. Paul NAACP says children of black parents are often instructed on what to do if they are stopped by the police. She says Castile apparently followed all that protocol, but was still shot dead. “That’s what makes it so very unusual and so frightful.”

Binns says there are good cops, but they need to step up and “do the right thing.”

“Cops Fed Him Four Bullets”

Another mother carried a sign that said “Philando Castile fed my sons lunch. Cops fed him four bullets.” She says Castile was working at the school her children attended and he and the rest of the lunch staff treated children “like the precious souls they are.”

Jason Sole is with the Minneapolis NAACP. “We’re going to work for justice. We’re going to ask that the officers (involved in the shooting) get fired.” He wants to see them not just fired, but prosecuted. “This was flat out killing. It didn’t need to happen.”

Pastor Danny Givens says the police department and the police union needs to be abolished. “We need to do away with it and just set up a whole new police system and a way in which we go about upholding the law.”

Bill Sorem

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One thought on “Community Reacts To Police Killing Philando Castile

  1. I hope that readers will use caution and insight when reading suggestions and postings. “Such as We need a whole new police force… “.. Why would we need a whole new police force? Who would it really serve? Are they going to be contractors like the military? Vet your leaders and be very skeptical. We’re in a time when people are about to start panicking and it will be easy to loose common sense.