Video Replay: Judge Hatchett Seeks Justice For Castile Family

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Judge Glenda Hatchett

Judge Glenda Hatchett

The family of Philado Castile has engaged some high-profile help to seek justice. Police killed Castile after a traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minnesota — touching off a wave of protests in Minnesota and around the country.

Judge Glenda Hatchett will represent Castile’s family. Hatchett, the host of the nationally syndicated television show, “Judge Hatchett”, served eight years as former Chief Judge of the Juvenile Court of Fulton County, (Atlanta) Georgia.

She held a news conference with Castile’s mother Valerie Castile outside the state capitol building in St. Paul an announced there will be a civil lawsuit. She also is asking for a special prosecutor in the criminal case.

Hatchett said laws needed to be changed in Minnesota, but was not specific on he changes. Asked about a proposed charter amendment in Minneapolis that would require police to buy personal liability insurance, Hatchett said she would need to see the specifics since she didn’t want laws that might penalize good police officers. However, Hatchett did say she was in favor of Minnesota passing a law requiring police to collect data on the race of people they stop. A trial program in Minnesota more than a decade ago found that blacks and other minorities made up a disproportional number of the traffic stops.

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