MN Delegate: What Clinton Needs To Say To Sanders Supporters

Hillary Clinton

ST. PAUL, Minn. – This week Hillary Clinton made history by becoming the first female presidential nominee by a major U.S. party. But some of Clinton’s Minnesota supporters hope her speech Thursday at the Democratic National Convention will help bridge divides with supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders.

Janet Nelson, a Clinton supporter and delegate from Duluth, said the nomination is a historic and important step for women. But, she said Clinton could face a challenge in earning the votes of Sanders supporters come November.

“She has to try to bring in the Sanders supporters in her speech and tell them that she’s there for them as well,” Nelson said. “She has great respect for the senator and for the change that he has brought, for all of the activists that he has brought in.”

Some Clinton supporters believe that in order to win over the Sanders base, she should emphasize her move left on certain issues – including trade. Earlier this week Sanders made a ardent plea to his supporters to get behind Clinton.

Ultimately, it’s the combination of Clinton’s strong grasp on policy and her ability to negotiate that will get her elected, Nelson said. She said Clinton represents what’s possible for women today.

“I wasn’t sure if in my lifetime I would see this happen,” Nelson said. “I’m ecstatic to be able to vote for the first female presidential candidate and what she will do for working people, for women, for children.”

Clinton will be introduced by her daughter Chelsea before taking the stage during the final night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

A group of Minnesota delegates poses for a photo during the Democratic National Convention in PhiladelphiaJanet Nelson

A group of Minnesota delegates poses for a photo during the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia

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