Video Replay: Conservative Group Files Lawsuit Challenging Minnesota Voting Procedures

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MN Voters Alliance Files Lawsuit

MN Voters Alliance Files Lawsuit

A conservative group opposed to Minnesota’s laws that allow election day registration is suing in Ramsey County Court to make changes in procedures it says allow ineligible people to vote.

A news release from the Minnesota Voters Alliance says it is suing Secretary of State Steve Simon for allowing known ineligible people to vote in this November’s election. Specifically, the group says Simon is not doing all he should to prevent “court restricted felons and mentally incapacitated persons, and non-citizens from continuing to vote in Minnesota elections.”

Minnesota’s Supreme Court rejected a similar suit from the MVA last week without ruling on the merit of it, saying it needed to be filed in a lower court first.

In response to the MVA’s previous suit, Simon said his office is following the state’s election laws and does notify each county auditor if there is someone registered who is ineligible to vote. Simon noted that it is a state and federal felony for ineligible people to falsely attest they are eligible to vote. Before voting, Minnesota requires people to sign a document swearing that they are eligible to vote.

In its previous lawsuit, the MVA was asking for the court to stop election officials from providing ballots to, or counting ballots from, people who are known to be ineligible voters because that “dilutes” the value of other votes. Simon said doing so would “violate numerous Minnesotans’ constitutional rights.”

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