Immigrant’s Touching Story Earns A Hug From Obama

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President Barack Obama hugs Roxane Giron

White House

President Barack Obama hugs Roxane Giron

President Barack Obama hugs Roxane Giron after she introduces him to speak during a reception for Hispanic Heritage Month in the East Room of the White House, Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2016, in Washington.

Roxan Giron is an immigrant home health care worker. She has two daughters with severe developmental disabilities. She says Obamacare has made it possible for them to get the help that they need.

These are her prepared remarks and video of what she said:

Taking care of people is my passion. I’m a home care provider for three men who are veterans. I bathe and clean them. I make sure they eat and take their medications. They sacrificed for this country and I am proud to help them live at home with dignity and independence.

I want every home care worker to have a good job, with fair wages and benefits. We work so hard to take care of other people, but we can’t take care of our own families. We are fighting for a better life. That’s why I first came to this country – for a better life.

I have four daughters. The younger two still live with me. Daniela is 22 and Clara is 19. They both have severe developmental disabilities and are diabetic. I have to bathe them, feed them, give them their insulin, and change their diapers in-between visiting my clients. My day goes from 5 AM to 11 PM.

Like millions of immigrants across the United States, I work hard to contribute to my community. Like millions of home care workers across the country, I work hard to take care of our aging loved ones, veterans, and family members with disabilities. Like millions of mothers across the nation, I work hard to provide a better life for my children.

Thanks to President Obama, home care workers now have minimum wage and overtime pay protection, undoing decades of unfair policy. Because of Obamacare my daughters have the medicine they need. They have access to healthcare. The Affordable Care Act has been a blessing for my family. So it is now my honor to introduce the man who has done more for Latino families than any other President of the United States, my President, Barack Obama.

After Giron introduced him, Obama talked about the economic and education progress Hispanics have made during his nearly eight years in office.

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